Bourbon Masterclass

The Bourbon master class consists of six great bourbons. You will be talked through the selection, learn about the backstory of Bourbon and how it came about. As well as tasting some delicious Bourbons you will also leave us with a wealth of knowledge. You will also receive a small food selection consisting of cheeses , crackers, cured meats and dark chocolate. 

+ how much does it cost?

We have three different Tiers of master class that are as follows;

  • BOOTLEGGER DISTILLER - £35 per person
  • APPRENTICE DISTILLER - £45 per person
  • MASTER DISTILLER - £65 per person

Find out what is in each of these experiences below

+ how long does it last?

We aim for two hours but if you guys keep asking questions then we are more than happy to take as long as it needs

+ which bourbons do we taste?

Bootlegger; (£35)

  • Jim Beam Choice
  • Wild Turkey Honey
  • Blantons Single Barrel
  • Elijah Craig 12 yr
  • Mellow Corn

Apprentice Distiller; (£45)

  • Old Grandad
  • Wild Turkey Forgiven
  • Eagle Rare 10
  • Stagg Jnr
  • (r1)1

Master Distiller; (£65)

  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
  • Half a shot of each of these, Woodford Reserve Masters Collection, New cask and aged cask rye for comparison of flavours.
  • Col E.H Taylor Bourbon Single Barrel
  • Blanton's Gold
  • Jim Beam Distillers Masterpiece

If you have any questions talk to our highly trained Bourbon specialist at or simply make the enquiry below

Masterclass Vouchers Are Available For Purchase

If you would like to purchase a voucher for a friend or a loved one then well done you are a wonderful person! You are buying them the gift of Bourbon and knowledge which are the two greatest gifts that someone could get. Please enquire about our vouchers below. It is the same price for a voucher as it is to buy for yourself. We don't put any added extras on just because you are nice. 

Special Events & Private Parties including a masterclass

Our Masterclasses are a great way for you and your friends to get together and have a party with a difference. Why not hire our area but kick your night off with a masterclass

If you would like to incorporate a masterclass into your Party then please use the area reservation form, by clicking the button below, and let us know that you would also like a masterclass attached to your party area hire.